Dear reader:  I am proud to say I recently became a published author, with the release on Amazon (launch date 5/11/17) of the book “Gender in Fiction: A Collaborative Exploration.” On this book, I am one of eight authors who contributed essays on various aspects of this diverse topic.

Those who visit my blog will, I hope, see that I enjoy writing and sharing my opinions on all manner of subjects. My other writing experience includes: 1) doing freelance writing, for a local newspaper, 2) having over 50 letters to the editor (and some op-ed and commentary pieces) published in every major Connecticut newspaper (The New Haven Register, Hartford Courant, CT Post, Waterbury Republican American, as well as one piece in USA Today), 3) my master’s thesis, and 4) writing and serving as associate editor on my alma mater UVa.’s daily paper The Cavalier Daily.

Although I have a ton of writing experience, I am new at blogging. Some of the things I would like to blog about include: 1) my consumer experiences (both good and bad), as well as some consumer advice/advocacy, 2) pens (I collect good pens such as Pelikan, Waterman, and Parker), and 3) would like to post all of my letters and opinion pieces. In addition, I hope my blog will eventually serve as a forum for discussing and/or debating important issues of the day including public health, politics, sports, etc.

I have a Master of Public Health degree, 13 years in health insurance, and over five years in human services. **** In honor of Dave Letterman’s recent retirement, I also started posting “Top Ten Lists.” To my surprise, these Top 10 lists have become something of a hit on Twitter, and have confirmed something I think I always knew: I love to share my kinowledge, but, even more, I love to make people laugh.  ****

5 Responses to About

  1. What’s your opinion about the climate change?

    • Glad you asked. It seems to me there has been growing evidence, for years, to support the deleterious effects of climate change, and that this change is real. Perhaps the more important question is whether or not the climate change we have been seeing is due to some natural cycle or manmade pollutants, specifically CO2, the so-called greenhouse gases.

      While CO2 may not be the sole cause of the problem, I am inclined to believe it has been
      accelerating, or at least contributing to, the problem. Needless to say, while I’m not an expert on this issue, Trump’s decision to withdraw from the nonbinding Paris Accords is shortsighted and a and mistake, but time will tell.

      • For the last 10,000 years we have been coming out of the last ice age. The climate may continue warming for another 10,000 or more years. Some have 100,000 year cycles. Disruptions may cook occur.

  2. Rachel Bartow says:

    Well Ed, the insurance company is to blame on why no one has health insurance, cause they jack up all the prices for insurance plus you don’t get all you need in the process, while there just making a butt load of money off of all of us minoritys, too me people need to start caring about everyone and not just there own hides, what would they all do if they were in our shoes? You know I may not care for the president we got, but that job he has is no cake walk.

  3. MG WELLS says:

    Informative Edward. If you want more WORDPRESS followers, you must sign into WP and find them. There are some on my page. You have to LIKE and sometimes write a short reply if you want more folks to show interest in your posts. Enjoy the day and best wishes with the blog 📝

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