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Come Sail Away: Pen Review of the Waterman Marine Amber Carene Ballpoint Pen, by Ed Selender, 11/29/20

Am writing this for a couple of reasons. First, I thought this could provide a welcome distraction from the pandemic and politics. Secondly, I truly love pens, and, when I started my blog, I had originally intended to include pen … Continue reading

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“BiC Pens are Inexpensive, but snazzy, and They Get the Job Done,” Pen Review of the BiC Ballpoint Pen and BiC Gel Pen, by Ed Selender, 5/25/19

For awhile, I’ve been promising a review of a pen for the “average person.” Before I go any further, I first want to stress that, when I say average person, I simply mean that this review is one for those … Continue reading

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Pen Review: The Parker 100 Diamond Blue GT (gold trim) Ballpoint Pen, a Pen with a Legacy, by Ed Selender, 7/8/18

As many of you who follow me on Twitter, and particularly those of you who follow my blog know, the Parker Sterling Silver Sonnet Cisele is my overall favorite pen to write with. Another pen that I enjoy writing with, … Continue reading

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The Parker Sonnet Sterling Silver Cisele ST (silver trim) Fountain Pen: Is it Really Like Poetry in Motion? You Decide. (By Ed Selender, 5/27/18)

Okay, so after much ado, I am finally sharing my very first pen review. As I mention in the “about” (profile) section of my blog, I had wanted the pen reviews to be one of the centerpieces of my blog. … Continue reading

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