Top 10 Reasons Hans Solo Flies Alone (By Ed Selender, 6/9/18, from this week’s home office, in Chicago, Illinois, birthplace of the original Hans Solo, Harrison Ford)

#10- Sweeping up Wookie furballs, from the floor, gets a little old.

#9- Goin’ cruisin’, in the Millennium Falcon, on Saturday night, with someone already in the passenger seat, can be a little awkward, if you know what I mean.

#8- Not enough room, in the Galaxy, for more than one smooth-talking, wisecracking, smuggler, outlaw, stunt pilot.

#7- Trying to avoid asteroids, and evade Imperial starships, while flying at lightspeed, through hyperspace, is challenging enough without a “backseat driver” telling you what to do.

#6- Hans Solo’s OCD kicks in whenever someone tries to touch those lucky dice he hangs from the rearview mirror.

#5- The Millennium Falcon looks spacious, on the outside, but the “man cave” Solo designed, with a Lay-Z-Boy, 120″ flat screen tv, and wetbar, is only intended for one person.

#4- Solo doesn’t want anyone to find out he’s got the Lost Ark hidden, on the Millennium Falcon, since the Ark is where the force really comes from.

#3- Hans Solo heard Princess Leia prefers the lone wolf type.

#2- Solo doesn’t want anyone messing with the radio, on his dashboard, which he usually has set to the best of Queen (We arrrre the Championsss …. well, you get the idea).

#1- Duhhhh, the last name is SOLO, for one, not Duo or Trio.